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Jim's Story

  After serving as minister with various congregations of the United Church of Christ, and chaplain of an independent school in Honolulu, I have spent six years on the road with my music in the U.S., Canada and Australia, and recently in the Marshall Islands of Micronesia. Judy and I live at Pilgrim Place an active retirement community in Claremont, California. Here I lead the Pilgrim Pickers, a 14-member folk band. I continue to be out and about singing and leading programs for all ages. My latest CD and book "Pilgrim on a Brave New Planet" sings of how we can face and mitigate the effects of climate change, living creatively in community.  

"The hymn 'Spirit' -- what a superb text it is. 'Coaxed up the mountains from the valleys of sleep', 'with a law and a land', 'stung with the sand', 'from the bondage of sorrow the captives dream dreams' and many more, are stunning lines of simplicity and depth. And the hymn as a whole needed to be written. I am introducing the hymnal in several Presbyterian churches and have used your hymn in almost every one. And each time I've been gripped by the power of its language, and moved by it." Brian Wren

"How do we say in words all the thanks we have for your generosity -- of spirit, of time, of love, of song. Your impact on our youth and adults was amazing. The evaluations rated your music and work with the youth as the highlight of the Conference. Your music, and the sharing of it, has transformed ours. Your spirit and God's Spirit was with us and renewed us." John Schaeffer and Jim Coons-Torn, Montana-Northern Wyoming Conference Ministers, United Church of Christ





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