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Bringing Jim


Jim preaches, teaches and leads music in local congregations and at wider events. His sermons in song and spoken word reflect his own and others' faith pilgrimages. Hymn themes include praise, forgiveness, healing, peace, justice and climate change.

His music is joyful, humorous, faithful, and meditative.

Jim also presents original children's stories, which have been favorites of his congregations.

To bring Jim to your church or conference, contact him at:
or phone 909-624-5069

  On family farm, Durham, Nova Scotia  

"Jim Manley is a very talented singer/songwriter, musician, storyteller and preacher. His lyrics and stories are richly full of the human experience and our relationship to God. His children's stories are marvelous — at our church he held the rapt attention of our entire children's group. His songs contain beautiful, singable melodies that, when accompanied by his guitar, instantly resonate with the whole congregation."

- John Flick, Riviera United Methodist Church, Torrance, California.


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